Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday
Back in 1991, GAM introduced the high precision bellows servo coupling to the North American machine builder market.  Here is the first coupling brochure that GAM ever printed:

GAM Coupling Catalog (Original)
(Front Cover)

GAM Coupling Catalog (Original)
(Inside Pages)
While a lot of things have changed since then...the core values of GAM have stayed the same:
  • Dedication to customers
  • Customizing product to fit the needs of our customers
  • Technical Engineering Support
  • Responsiveness
  • Introducing high quality and new generation products
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • Long term relationships with customers
GAM Coupling Catalog (Original)
(Back Page)

One of the best parts of the brochure are the customer testimonials.  What's even better, is that they are still our customers today....over 21 years later.

Here are those testimonials:

"One of the attributes we look for in a supplier is 'responsiveness'.  I think the following story best shows GAM's concern for their customer's needs.  

'It was a Friday afternoon and our service engineer was at a customer's plant in Ashdown, Arkansas, servicing one of the packaging machines we manufacture.  He found he needed a coupling in order to get the equipment up and running by Monday morning.  He called GAM from his hotel room that afternoon.  On Saturday, he received the coupling at his hotel room, precision bored on both ends to his specifications, with keyways'

Our service engineer had the packaging machine ready to go by Monday and we had another satisfied customer."

Jeno Thuecks
Engineering Manager
Pemco, Inc.

"As the largest manufacturer of double enveloping worm gears in the world, we must provide our customers with quality and high performance in order to maintain our leading position.  Whenever an application arises that requires zero backlash, high stiffness, and low inertia, we recommend GAM couplings.  These couplings exemplify the quality and high performance we demand.  Plus, their compact size easily fits inside our standard motor adapters."

Tom Scott
Senior Applications Engineer
Cone Drive Operations Inc.

"As a retrofitter of CNC Screw Machines for the metal working industry, we understand that reducing downtime and minimizing machine damages caused by collisions are very important to our customers.  That is the reason why we turned to GAM for the excellent engineering assistance.  Because motor current relays react too slowly to protect our machines against damaging inertial forces, GAM helped us design a compact safety coupling which will disconnect the motor from the drive within 3-5 milliseconds.  Engineering safety is our highest priority in designing our machines and with GAM, we are meeting the concerns of our customers."

Martin Humphreys
Screw Machine Technology

What a great brochure that really captures the essence of GAM...Take a look at our current literature

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