Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GAM Customer Service Story - Rush Gearbox on a Friday Night

GAM Customer Service

One of GAM's application engineers received a phone call on Friday, March 8th at 4:45pm from a GAM sales representative in Michigan who had a customer with a machine down after a gearbox from a well-known manufacturer had failed.  The other manufacturer could not help the customer as they quoted 6 weeks for a replacement or anything similar.

The GAM sales representative who was working directly with the customer confirmed what mechanical and performance specifications would be required to get the machine up and running again and a GAM EPL-W-118-025G could do the job.  

Because the customer was down, they needed the gear reducer as soon as possible.  After verifying components were available, GAM committed to shipping that night.  The motor that this gear reducer would mount to was not in the database, so one of GAM's engineers had to design a new adapter plate from scratch.  And because the adapter was new, it also had to be programmed into the CNC machine prior to machining.  To make the situation more interesting, GAM's accounting software was down for scheduled maintenance that would take place over the weekend, so the order had to be processed entirely by hand. 

Approximately two hours after the initial phone call, the gear reducer was packaged up and ready for courier pickup for delivery to the customer that same night

Four GAM employees staying late on a Friday night to make sure a customer could get their machine running again. 

GAM Can Service. 

Even though a standard GAM gearbox worked for the customer, GAM has the ability to match the dimensions of most of the other gearbox manufacturers out there.  Need help crossing a gearbox over?  Email a GAM application engineer.


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