Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What is an Elastomer Coupling?

Elastomer Coupling

Elastomer couplings can be plugged in, are backlash free, flexible shaft couplings for small to medium torques.  An elastomer coupling is typically a three piece design comprised of two hubs and an elastomeric spider.
The elastomer spider (insert) serves as the connection and compensation element with involute shaped teeth and high Shore hardness.  The spider is inserted with slight preload between two high precision machined hubs with matching involute shaped jaws.  The elastomer spider can compensate for shaft misalignments, is electrically insulating and demonstrates good oscillation dampening.

Areas of use for elastomer couplings range from general motion control applications to demanding drive systems in machine design including the spindle and axis drives of machine tools.  To learn more about elastomer couplings visit

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