Tuesday, October 30, 2012

With the PACK EXPO 2012 trade show happening this week in Chicago, now is a great time to show off a few of the solutions that GAM is providing for some of our packaging and food processing customers. 

In the first example, our standard EPL gearbox has an anodized housing and anodized ring gear.  These modifications provide additional corrosion resistance and because standard EPL parts are used, none of the dimensions change. 
GAM EPL Gearbox

The next example is another EPL series gearbox with an anodized housing along with a stainless steel paint coating on the input housing and motor adapter.  The stainless steel coating provides further corrosion resistance at a low cost and quick turnaround. 
GAM EPL Gearbox

The third example is GAM’s SSP – stainless steel gearbox which provides the highest degree of corrosion resistance and protection for packaging and food processing applications.  Every part of the gearbox (housing, motor adapter, hardware, output shaft) is constructed of stainless steel.  The motor adapter can also be provided with an O-ring to further prevent contaminants from entering.  The gearbox is supplied standard with food grade lubrication that meets FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 requirements.  The lubrication is also USDA H1 authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.  Click here for more information on our SSP series gearbox.
GAM SSP Stainless Steel Gearbox

These three examples are just a small sample of the different levels of modifications that GAM can provide to our customers in the packaging and food processing industry.  (Further examples include epoxy coatings, stainless steel couplings (KG-VA), nickel plated housings, and special flanges to increase IP ratings). 
At GAM, we really understand that not every packaging or food processing application is the same.  For instance, if all you need is a gearbox with a stainless steel shaft, you shouldn't have to purchase a completely stainless steel gearbox which is more expensive.  GAM can take a standard gearbox and provide a stainless steel shaft quickly and cost effectively.  We are willing to learn about your application requirements and then provide a gearbox or coupling solution that meets your exact requirements.  Need assistance on your application?  Call us toll free at 888-GAM-7117 or email sales@gamweb.com

Monday, October 15, 2012

Linear Application Headache? Let GAM Help
We have the products and application expertise to help with your linear challenges.  Sometimes simply connecting a motor to a linear actuator can end up being a time consuming task.  Just tell us what manufacturers and models you are using and GAM will take care of the rest.

GAM Linear Mount Products
  • LSK 's (Linear Mounting Kits) connect any motor / gearbox to any linear actuator.  5 day leadtime standard.
  • Gear reducers designed specifically to mount up to linear actuator products. (Inline and Right Angle).
  • Drive shaft couplings connect distant actuators.

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