Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What is the GAM EASY-Clamp system?

Because the bore tolerances on couplings are so precise, installing or un-installing a servo coupling can be very difficult.  In fact, machine builders have been known to wedge screw drivers in the coupling hubs to help open the bores up.  Not only is this unsafe but the coupling and/or shafts can be damaged.
Coupling Installation

A better engineered solution is the EASY-Clamp system which is found on many GAM couplings.  This system allows easy installation without the need for additional tools (screw drivers included).  The EASY-Clamp pin is located just above the clamping bolt.
GAM coupling EASY Clamp
To engage the system, simply loosen the clamping bolt until it backs out and hits the pin.  This expands the clamping head making installation or un-installation quick and easy.
GAM Coupling Installation

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