Thursday, February 19, 2015

Introducing the EDC Elastomer Drive Shaft Coupling

drive shaft coupling edc
The EDC is designed, machined, and assembled to order in Mt. Prospect, IL.  CAD models are online and easily configurable for download in minutes.  The EDC is available in four sizes based on the torque rating: 25Nm, 35Nm, 80Nm, and 110Nm. Derived from the design of GAM's EKC elastomer coupling, the EDC is a quality drive shaft solution at an economical price for this torque segment.
Split Hub Design

drive shaft coupling split hub

The EDC has a split hub construction for easy installation.  This design feature allows the coupling to be installed by placing it directly over the shafts that need to be connected.  The shafts can remain fixed and do not need to be retracted during installation to get proper shaft engagement.

GAM's Drive Shaft Lineup

distance coupling

The EDC is the latest addition to GAM's family of drive shaft coupling solutions. GAM now has three options to cover various motion applications and torque requirements.

Option 1 - EDC
The EDC is rated up to 110Nm of torque and was designed to be an economical drive shaft option, suitable for general motion / lower torque applications.

Option 2 - EKZ
The EKZ is rated up to 700Nm of torque and is the next progression in GAM's drive shaft coupling range.  While still an elastomer style drive shaft coupling, the EKZ is suitable for higher torque applications.

Option 3 - WDS
The WDS is rated up to 1600Nm of torque and is GAM's highest performing drive shaft coupling, intended for dynamic applications that require high positioning accuracies.  It features a torsionally rigid bellows design which yields a 1208% increase in torsional rigidity over an elastomer style drive shaft coupling of a comparable torque rating.