Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet the Newest Members of the GAM Team

We are focused on growth at GAM.  But in order to grow properly, you need the right people, processes, and technology.  And while processes and technology are extremely critical, people are the most essential part of that equation.  Meet the newest members of the team that are helping to take GAM to the next level:

Jeanne - Materials Manager - Jeanne comes to GAM with 28 years of manufacturing experience.  Her leadership and strong background in planning, purchasing, and materials management have already made a great impact at GAM.  She is thoroughly knowledgeable in Project Management, ERP Implementations, Supply Chain Optimization, MRP, Kanban, and Strategic Planning.  Outside of work, Jeanne enjoys fishing.

Austin- Assembly and Shipping - After starting in the coupling cell, he was quickly promoted to gearbox assembly after demonstrating a strong mechanical aptitude.  He takes pride in fully understanding each job and doing it right the first time.  Outside of work, Austin enjoys basketball, volleyball, hunting and fishing.

Ron - Manufacturing - Ron comes to GAM with over 15 years of manufacturing experience.  He is mechanically inclined and skilled in CNC manufacturing setups.  As he gets more familiar with GAM's machines, he hopes to learn CNC programming.  Outside of work, Ron enjoys relaxing.

Jesus - Manufacturing -  Jesus is new to the workforce and is eager to learn and operate all of the machines at GAM.  His attitude and adaptability make him a great fit for our culture.  Outside of work, Jesus enjoys spending time with his family and playing soccer.

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