Thursday, March 13, 2014

Right Angle Gearbox Comparison: Hypoid Gear Technology vs. Planetary Bevel

right angle gearbox hypoid

Right angle gearboxes using hypoid gear technology offer several mechanical advantages compared to gearboxes using a planetary bevel gear combination.  Hypoid gearboxes achieve gear ratios up to 15:1 in a single stage and still yield mechanical efficiencies up to 96% depending upon the ratio throughout the speed range.  Planetary bevel gearboxes can be just as efficient, however they require two to three gear stages regardless of ratio which results in a much larger footprint.

Right angle gear reducer hypoid

The hypoid gearset is spatially efficient because its component parts are compact individually, and
their “overlapping” mesh geometry helps to minimize the mass of both moving components and the support housing. The hypoid gear design is also thermally efficient, so the housing can be kept smaller and free of heat-dispersing elements (cooling fans/aluminum fins). A single-piece cast aluminum construction for the housing keeps the weight low with maximum rigidity.  The result is a gearbox that by itself is compact and lightweight.  Compared to standard right angle gearboxes, the Dyna Series hypoid gear reducer as shown above has a more compact profile that fits into smaller spaces. And the low mass of the moving components minimizes running inertia.   

For more information on the GAM Dyna Series Hypoid Right Angle Gear Reducer 

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