Friday, March 7, 2014

Students From Local John Hersey High School Visit GAM

GAM Gear - High School Students Tour GAM Manufacturing

Students from local John Hersey High School (District 214) visited GAM as a part of their Career Trek curriculum.  Career Trek is a program that gives students the opportunity to visit actual companies in professions they are interested in and expose them to what a potential career may be like.  These particular students enjoy building things with their hands and have shown an interest in manufacturing.
As noted in a recent Forbes article, right now, "there are over 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in America.  And in order to fill those jobs, we need to invest more in STEM education programs that engage and prepare American students for these careers".  The Career Trek is a great example of what a STEM program can do.  The day started off with a presentation that reviewed manufacturing processes, job outlook, compensation, skills required for a career in manufacturing, and Q&A with GAM machinists.

GAM Gear Manufacturing
After the presentation, the students toured GAM's facility where they saw how gear reducers and servo couplings are manufactured.  They got to watch modern CNC machines in action transforming raw material into finished products.

High School Students Tour GAM Manufacturing
Safety glasses (and goggles) are a must at GAM

By the end of the day, students had an understanding of what a career in manufacturing can be like, along with the critical skills and training that can give them an edge when they enter the job market.  A few days after the tour, we received great news that several students went directly to their guidance counselors to sign up for manufacturing classes for their schedules next year.  Who knows, maybe they will return to GAM in a few years as an intern or an actual employee.  For more information about internship opportunities available at GAM, please contact

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