Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The GAMMY Award


The GAMMY is an award given out every month to the employee who best displays GAM’s core values.  While it may not be gold plated (yet), the GAMMY is crafted from high quality precision gearbox components.  The award is a way to recognize employees for their hard work and acts as a visual reminder of GAM’s core values.  What are GAM’s core values?

Teamwork, Action Oriented, Long-term Relationships, Professionalism and Fun

Teamwork:  We will be respectful and helpful to one another and be held accountable for our actions and our work. Great teams perform well when everyone is working together for the common good and genuine desire to help!

Action Oriented:  We are doers not talkers, meaning, “We walk the talk.” We take responsibility of a problem or opportunity to the end and not hand it off to another person until it is resolved. There is strong sense of urgency because solving problems quickly and accurately will prevail in the customer’s mind.

Long-term Relationships:  We are not interested in relationships that are short-lived. Relationships are the core to our business and trust is the foundation of our relationships. We will be true to our customers, our vendors and our employees. We strive for great friendship in these relationships because in the end we are here to enjoy one another and serve.

Professionalism: We are not just talking about our appearance when we are defining professionalism.  It‘s about being knowledgeable, learning to better oneself, truly listening to  others when they are talking, doing it right the first time (quality not quantity)and taking pride in the work you do.

Fun: We strive for a fun atmosphere at GAM. We know that with every business, there is pressure but we need to balance that pressure, with fun. We encourage activities that build friendships to know the “whole person” not just the “work person”.

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