Monday, July 21, 2014

GAM Spiral Bevel Gearboxes: Dependable by Design

spiral bevel gearboxes
1. Housing: Sturdy cast iron housing (Aluminum in size 35mm and 45mm) - all 6 sides can be used for mounting 
2. Bearings:  Deep groove ball bearings handle axial and radial loading. (Reinforced and taper roller options available)
3. Spiral Bevel Gearing:  Precision cut, hardened, and lapped in pairs for ideal tooth contact. Mathematically precise ratios from 1:1 to 6:1
4. Input:  Available with shaft input or integrated motor adapter and coupling to easily mount to any IEC, NEMA, or servo motor
5. Output:  Solid shaft with key or keyed hollow shaft are standard. (Smooth shaft or shrink disc clamping available)
6. Seals:  Lubricated for life and protected with high quality NBR seals. (Viton® and FPM seals available) 

Carefully engineered and crafted with high quality materials, GAM spiral bevel gearboxes are robust and can handle high shock loads. Since they are maintenance free and lubricated for life, have confidence knowing that they are built to last. Put one onto your machine and forget about it!

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  1. New designs of Gears should be smaller and efficient. These days vehicles owners are looking for faster and easily manageable vehicles. Obviously gear box is the vital part of the speed.