Tuesday, July 8, 2014

High School Students in Career Exploration Course Visit GAM

Students enrolled in a Summer Career Exploration Course sponsored by Oakton Community College and NSERVE, visited GAM to see what a future in engineering and advanced manufacturing could be like.  Through the Career Exploration Course, students get first hand experience of the careers and work environments in the areas of their choice.  The program is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors from nearby high schools.

What are Engineers?  
What things do Engineers build? 
What skills must one have to become an Engineer?
What is the job outlook like for Engineers?  

These were some of the questions answered in an interactive presentation with the students.  Students also learned how important internships are to discover their interests in addition to getting an upper hand at landing a job after college.  After the presentation, the students were split into three groups for a factory tour to see different functions at GAM including design engineering, machining, and assembly.

This is the third STEM program that GAM has been involved in this year alone.  In addition to participating in educational programs such as this, GAM often has internships available for high school students interested in engineering, manufacturing, and business.  For factory tours or information on internships, please contact info@gamweb.com.  For more information about the Career Exploration Course, please visit www.nserve.info

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